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The book "The Rise and Fall of Pattison Whisky of Leith"
by Jim Brown and Louis Reps - published April 2020

In 1901 Robert and Walter Pattison were sent to Perth prison having been found guilty on several counts of fraud in connection with the sale of Scotch Whisky. Theirs was a tale of boom and bust and one that is often quoted when referring to the Whisky Crash that occurred at the end of the 19th century. Drawing on contemporary newspaper accounts of the day and illustrating the accompanying narrative with many photographs of ”Pattison” material that have never been seen before by a wider audience, this book provides an in depth look at the company while shedding new light on the failure of the Scotch Whisky Industry of the day. The conclusion will hopefully perhaps reverse the trend for blaming the demise of Scotch on one company. This was instead an early example of an industry over-stretching itself too quickly and paying the ultimate price due to a number of factors simultaneously conspiring together to precipitate the bursting of the ”Whisky Bubble”. Pattison brothers’ Company was but one element of this decline.
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The history of Glenlochy Distillery 1898- The history Pattison, Elder & Co
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On this page you will find some whisky statistic.

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My first contact with whisky was end of the 50s as a child. My grandfather Mikal Gehrke (1891-1982) took a "pjolter" - a Norwegian expression for whisky and soda water. He drank Long John in high glasses and never with ice.
I started to drink whisky end of the 70s and mainly Ballentine´s. In the beginning of the 90s I got interested in malt whisky and in 1998 I made my first trip to Islay.
End of 2008 I bought the spirit safe from Glenlochy Distillery.


I have started to collect information about Glenlochy distillery and spirit safes and thanks to people all over the world I make progress almost every day. It is like making a puzzle - a small piece gives a link to more information from another source.

Pieces will always be missing but if you have information about Glenlochy or photos of spirit safes please send me an email.

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