Spirit Safes

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The spirit safe is the heart in the production of whisky. The skilled stillman knows exactly when to turn the valves and make the correct cut of the distillation.

The spirit safe is also a very nice piece of equipment to look at. Thanks to all people who have helped with information. In the gallery you will find a lot of photos from spirit safes all around the world. If you click "How it works" in the meny you can see the working principle.
There is also infomation about the history, the producers and a list of distilleries.

If you have more information - or photos - please send an email.

If you need a bowl for your spirit safe - visit YOUNG GLASS or ANGELSHARE GLASS

To visit a distillery with a camera without taking a photo of the spirit safe is like coming
home from a wedding and find that you forgot to take a photo of the bride.